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We are advertising on behalf of Wood Stock Feeds Pty Ltd who is looking for a Product Development Technologist to join the team Located in Goondiwindi, QLD 4390.

• Develop and maintain NIR calibration of products produced and manufactured by the Woods Group
• Conduct validation studies on the developed NIR calibrations of various raw material and finished products
• Collect samples, prepare blind samples, and analyse the duplicate samples
• Ensure calibration and linear regression values are established and within acceptable limits for new products developed by the Group
• Assist the Group Technical Services Manager in the implementation and maintenance of the Groups Quality Management System (QMS) through carrying out of procedures, standards, and specifications aimed at meeting the company’s food and feed quality and safety goals
• Ensure the implementation of Group’s sampling and testing program by making sure all collected samples are tested in a timely manner
• Conduct responsible accounting and cost-benefit analysis of experimental and research findings related to new product
• Carry out product development per approved product design, including testing of product trials and production samples, study of the chemical, biological, and physical properties of the final product and/or ingredients to assess the composition, quality, and product safety
• Determine areas for product improvement
• Develop standard operating procedures, quality assurance and control procedures, and safety standards based on trial results for commercial introduction and production of newly-developed product
• Liaise with operational staff to improve their knowledge and understanding of product requirements
• Assist the Technical Services Manager in the investigation and timely response to customer complaints related to product specification
• Participate as a HACCP Team member at various Woods Group entities as required.
• Assist the Technical Services Manager in QMS development and improvement as required.

Skills and experience
• B. App. Sc. (Food Technology) or equivalent
• Operational experience in an agricultural or food processing environment.
• Demonstrated experience in the use of Excel spreadsheets and other programs

Salary From: $70,000 – $80,000 Per annum.

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